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Help us develop nephrology worldwide

30 June 2015
Help us develop nephrology worldwide
ISN Programs Chair
John Feehally, UK


Dear Colleague,


ISN is a unique medical society offering a broad range of educational and training activities for nephrology communities in developing countries. Within the context of the 0by25 initiative, ISN Programs particularly welcome applications focused on detecting and treating of Acute Kindey Injury.

The next application deadline is October 1st, 2015. Find out about the program that suits your needs and what you need to do to apply. If you have questions or are unsure how you can participate, contact our team  or watch my presentation on the ISN website:



The Fellowship Program

Physicians from emerging countries get hands-on training in a developed renal center. Returning home, they share what they have learned, improve local care and start more ISN Programs.


The Sister Renal Centre Program

Renal centers in emerging countries partner with centers of excellence in the developing world. With educational support and guidance, the emerging centers become self-sufficient offering better care for patients. ISN and The Transplantation Society have also developed the Sister Transplant Centre Program to to link transplantation centers.


The Clinical Research Program

This program funds clinical research projects addressing local needs for acute and chronic kidney disease treatments in emerging countries.


The Educational Ambassadors Program

ISN experts visit developing renal centers for one to four weeks to provide specific hands-on training or help develop new services, community-based research or screening programs.


The Continuing Medical Education Program The Continuing Medical Education Program offers essential teaching and training to developing medical communities. Expert speakers from both sides of the world share their knowledge and experience in clinical care and research.



About ISN Programs

Check out some of our success stories...

http://www.theisn.org/news/item/1281-collaboration-leads-to-transplant-hope-for-kidney-patients-in-palestine   Developing a Kidney Transplant Centre in Palestine:

A partnership between the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Palestine and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in the UK led to the first kidney transplant in the region in January 2013. Abdul Hammad from the supporting center in the UK explains :

“These patients may receive what is in many westernized countries a ‘life enhancing operation’, but in Gaza it will undoubtedly be a ‘life-saving operation”

Teaching Interventional Nephrology in Vietnam

Educational Ambassador Jan Swinnen from Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia shared his expertise with doctors and nurses at Cho Ray Hospital (CRH) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“I do believe that the local medical professionals can achieve 80% of what we achieve in Australia in terms of hemodialysis outcomes at a small fraction of the cost, by adapting hemodialysis access systems to the local setting.”

Epidemiological Study across Southern China Looking at the Link between CKD and Obesity


Some 15,000 community residents were involved in an epidemiological study. Prof Hequn Zou project leader, says:

“Due to the great social and economic contribution of the project to public health, a Provincial Key Laboratory of Metabolic Diseases was founded in Southern Medical University Affiliated 181 Hospital”


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