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AKI Glibal Snapshot project

Dear Colleague,
Thank you for your interest in the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) 0by25 Initiative and for taking time to complete the Global AKI Survey.
As indicated in the Survey, one of the major research projects to be launched under the 0by25 initiative will be the Global AKI Snapshot. This will be a prospective, cross-sectional study aimed at establishing the incidence of AKI during a 6-week period in different settings around the world. The web-based data collection will take place from 29th September- 9th November 2014.
The aim of the study is to provide an updated database on the incidence, management and treatment of AKI globally, thus demonstrating the burden of AKI globally and raising awareness in the worldwide community.
As a participating provider you would be requested to enter data on AKI patients under your care on a selected day of your choice during the 6-week study period. In particular, the study would request that you enter routinely available demographic, clinical and treatment data, on the day of enrollment, and available outcomes 7 days later, using our web-based case report forms accessible across computers, tablets and smartphones with an internet access.
We are now registering centers across the world to participate in the Global Snapshot and would welcome your involvement! 
We encourage you to take part in the Global Snapshot and contribute to this human rights initiative. Please register on the 0by25.org website or by clicking on the following link: http://www.0by25.org/get-involved/global-snapshot/.

Thank you once again for your contribution to the 0by25 initiative so far and we hope to continue our collaboration in the upcoming research project.
Best wishes, 

Beppe Remuzzi
ISN President 

Ravindra Mehta
0by25 Project Leader